Augie Rakow – Part1

Augie Rakow is a popular Silicon Valley lawyer for VC-backed startups, who has closed over 200 venture capital financings totaling more than $2B in invested capital. Augie’s clients include the fastest growing SaaS company ever, the first driverless car unicorn, the blockchain company with the largest ICO ever, and at least 3 other ‘unicorn’ companies. Augie also cofounded the most successful vc-backed law firm to date, called Atrium. Atrium raised over $75M from General Catalyst, Y Combinator and a16z, and grew revenue to a $25M annual run rate in 3 years. Augie sold his stake at Atrium’s height and left to take legal services innovation in a different direction. Augie is currently preparing to launch the first product-focused national law firm for startups. Before becoming a startup lawyer Augie was a divinity student and aspiring historian of Medival European philosophy. Augie first enrolled in law school night classes while working as a professional translator in Tokyo, and became one of the few Americans ever to take Japan’s National Bar Examination in Japanese, thus beginning his unique career in law. In this interview, Augie and I discuss the role of law in society, the philosophy of right and wrong, numbers, values, and other musings on living a good life

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